CI Audio or King Rex PSU for Squeezebox Touch


Does anyone using a Squeezebox Touch have any experience with either a CI Audio VDC 5 MKII and/or King Rex PSU Mkii replacing the stock switching supply?

I wish to buy either unit soon and am wondering if anyone has compared them.

You might want to add the Welbourne Labs PSU to your list. I have this on my Squeezebox Duet and it works incredibly well.
I use a Welborne Labs PS on both my Touch and Duet. Great improvement over stock wall-wart.
Hi, I have no experience with the Channel Islands PSU, but I did own the King Rex a few years ago. I can report that the King Rex was an awesome little box. Superbly engineered and it sounded great with my former King Rex USB to SPDIF converter. Very stout and solidly built. I would say you can not go wrong with that unit.

Hope that helps.
Hi Audiofun, what difference did it make to your stock Squeezebox Touch? Did you use the Touch as a transport with a separate DAC or its analogue outputs and internal DAC?

Perhaps I misunderstood. I never had th Touch, I was commenting on the PSU itself and as used with the Kingrex USB to SPDIF converter where it made quite a difference for the better over the stock wall wart.

It is a heavy little fella, with a toroid and regulated output. You can't go wrong; also KingRex strikes me as a company that really cares about sound and its' customers (I dealt with the Taiwan HQ direct).
I have the ci and it was a great improvement. Also upgraded the umbilacle to the revelations audio. Sweet. It may be looking for a home...