Chuck Berry RIP

A legend is gone. He touched so many. He influenced and changed the direction of Rock n Roll.
Deepest respect and sympathy to his family.
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Definetly one of the founders of Rock and Roll. He made it to 90 that is pretty amazing for a rock artist. He leaves a big legacy behind and a lot of artists that have been heavily influenced by his playing and performance style.

Indeed a founder and a legend RIP Chuck.
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Chuck Berry à true icon RIP. His music will live on.
"Influenced and changed the direction of Rock ’n’ Roll"? He created and determined the direction of Rock ’n’ Roll! The number one influence on John Lennon, Keith Richards, Dave Edmunds, Carl Wilson, and thousands upon thousands of other guitarists and Rock 'n' Rollers in general.
I agree--more than anyone else Chuck was the man.  He gave rock and roll its guitar-dominated sound.  It's hard to say enough about the importance of his contribution.  I love Little Richard, Jerry Lee and the early Elvis, but Chuck was the main guy.


I will miss his sexual harassment lawsuits.

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"He created and determined the direction of Rock ’n’ Roll"

Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Ike Turner and Jerry Lee Lewis created Rock´n´Roll. And it was the Black Man who turned Blues into Rock.

Praise the Lord

Actually, I consider Big Joe Turner and a couple of his post-World War 2 1940’s contemporaries the instigators of Rock ’n’ Roll. Those Blues "shouters", as they were called, were playing what is now called Jump Blues---R & B with a heavy backbeat. Chuck himself was heavily influenced by not just Blues players, but also Jazz guitarist Charlie Christian and the Jazz-style playing of the guitarists in Big Bands and Western Swing combos. But he pretty-much single-handedly reduced guitar playing into the style most identified as Rock ’n’ Roll.

On the other hand, Scotty Moore---Elvis’ original guitarist, developed his style before Chuck had made a single recording, and is responsible for being an originator of the Hillbilly-influence Rockabilly style guitar playing. Another huge player was Carl Perkins, whom George Harrison "borrowed" from, his other main man being Chet Atkins.

Bo Diddley is not exactly chopped liver.
A big shout out for 45s. That's what made all that early rock & roll so great. Nowadays everything's compressed. Ho, hum.....

I have a lot of 12 inch 45 singles - to me that is the best vinyl ever sounded -especially if the vinyl came from Japan. I like vinyl but have no illusions that the 33 LP always was and remains compromised.
The plain fact is Little Richard was much better than Chuck Berry ever thought of being. The fact that Keith Richards lifted almost all of his guitar riffs notwithstanding. More big hits and some the most sublime piano riffs and saxophone breaks extant. Good Golly, Miss Molly!