Chuck Berry RIP

A legend is gone. He touched so many. He influenced and changed the direction of Rock n Roll.
Deepest respect and sympathy to his family.
Definetly one of the founders of Rock and Roll. He made it to 90 that is pretty amazing for a rock artist. He leaves a big legacy behind and a lot of artists that have been heavily influenced by his playing and performance style.

Indeed a founder and a legend RIP Chuck.
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Chuck Berry à true icon RIP. His music will live on.
Unbelievably talented
"Influenced and changed the direction of Rock ’n’ Roll"? He created and determined the direction of Rock ’n’ Roll! The number one influence on John Lennon, Keith Richards, Dave Edmunds, Carl Wilson, and thousands upon thousands of other guitarists and Rock 'n' Rollers in general.
I agree--more than anyone else Chuck was the man.  He gave rock and roll its guitar-dominated sound.  It's hard to say enough about the importance of his contribution.  I love Little Richard, Jerry Lee and the early Elvis, but Chuck was the main guy.


I will miss his sexual harassment lawsuits.

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