Chuck Berry passed away today....

I just heard that Chuck Berry passed away this day at the age of 90. He was working on a new album titled "Chuck" and it would have been his first album in 38 years. Too bad he won't be around to witness the response.
We all grew up on his songs which will evoke memories for us all. He will be missed. R.I.P. Chuck,

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Thanks for the news, albeit not so great.  My Dad loved Chuck Berry, and I ended up doing likewise.  May he Rest In Peace and prayers to his family.  Thank you for all the great music!

Only two of the original Rock 'n' Rollers left standing---Little Richard and Jerry lee Lewis. Long may they run!
When Keith Richard introduced Chuck Berrry when Berry was being inducted into the 1985 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Keith quipped, "it's kind of funny to be talking about Chuck since I lifted all the licks he ever played."

The documentary and filmed concert Keith did for Chuck, "Hail, Hail, Rock ’n’ Roll", is well worth watching. Chucks original pianist Johnnie Johnson was still living at the time, and is in the band Keith put together for the concert, which also included NRBQ bassist Joey Spampinato (who turned down Keith’s invitation to join The Stones when Bill Wyman retired, electing to stay with NRBQ!) and studio great Steve Jordan on drums.

Another guitarist who was as mesmerized by Chucks guitar playing as was Keith Richards is Welshman Dave Edmunds, solo artist, member of Rockpile (along with Nick Lowe, Billy Bremmer, and Terry Williams---one of the all-time great Rock ’n’ Roll bands), and master producer (The Stray Cats, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Everly Brothers, Carl Perkins, many others). Dave was one of the guitarists considered as a replacement for Brian Jones in The Stones, though the job went to Mick Taylor, formerly in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (following Eric Clapton and Peter Green). Dave Edmunds' playing is the ultimate realization of the style Chuck Berry created---the best purely Rock 'n' Roll guitar playing I've ever heard!

In 80's I went to Biddy Mulligans bar/club on North Sheridan road in Chicago ($5 cover charge !!!) to see John Lee Hooker.  He was incredible with his Coast to Coast Blues Band, but then he introduced his guests Willie Dixon and Chuck Berry. Listening to all three standing 10' away was the experience I'll never forget.
Biddy Mulligans is not there anymore and all three are dead.  

RIP John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon and Chuck Berry.
Damn, Willie Dixon! I never got to see him, but I did Big Joe Turner, backed by The Blasters when Lee Allen (on tenor sax) was in the band. Lee played in Little Richards band in the 50's. There's a only a few of the originals left, gotta seen 'em while we can!