Chroma Key "Graveyard Mountain Home"

Has anyone else listened to this cd? I have 3 cd's by this band. For those not familiar, they are a nouveau Prog group similar to Porcupine Tree. This is an enhanced cd and was released in 2004, and also includes a 1955 film for which this music is designed as an alternate soundtrack. You can play the film with the alt soundtrack on your PC if you like.

I really like their music (really, really like it), but I suspect many folks won't. It's a little dark, not to mention abstract. The remarkable thing about it is the recording quality. The soundstage is 30ft wide, and just as deep(and my room isn't that big). The resolution and imaging is phenomenal IMO.
If you like Chroma Key check out OSI's self-titled debut from a few years ago. Kinda a "supergroup" of metal-prog with Kevin Moore (Chroma Key keyboards). Also Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre drums) and Jim Matheos (Fates Warning guitar) and Sean Malone (Gordian Knot bass)...Man that CD rips!!! Supposed to come out with a followup this year. I will definitely be picking it up!
Good point Meisterkleef - I have OSI too - which is perhaps a little more "musical" than "Graveyard Mountain Home". It also is extremely well recorded and engineered, and both can be great demo's of the system though I think "Graveyard Mountain Home" will show off a little more. Deep bass, acoustic guitar, synth, percussion, imaging, voices, etc . . .