It's now obvious that Christmas songs started to fill out the FM waves...

Isn't that to early to start? Probably!

No here's the Christmath curiosity:

How much space is needed to fit english-sung christmas songs on CDs?

How much hard disk space is needed to fit all english christmas songs?

How much TIME needed to sing the all(or another words how early you need to start singin' if you need to finish them when the Chrismas ends?

How may X-mas songs do you have in your music collection(you can count CDs, bytes, records or files whichever is more convenient). I probably have only one(ACDC -- "Mistress for Christmass")

And finally what is your favourite one?
Mine is ACDC's "Mistress for Christmass"...-)
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There was a response of a member Audiobugged.
why it's dissapeared?
Marakanetz, the reason his post has disappeared is that Christmas is under siege.. Audiobugged has probably mysteriously vanished as his post did. Once the ACLU hears of this thread it too will be gone. Audiogon will likely be shut down and hit with a law suit. Have a Merry Chris...oops, I mean Happy Holidays
I have about 15 X-mas CD's, ranging from the various artist collections, A Very Special Christmas discs to classical, nutcraker, etc.
I have to admit that I have Nutrckacker too and I admire it!
The nicest Nutcracker I have heard is by the Kirov Orchestra / Valery Gergiev.. If you are looking for one to buy-I highly suggest this recording--and sonically it is almost perfect.
I have 16 cd's and 137 in vinyl. Vince Guaraldi Trio is one of my favorites.