Christmas Tree Echo Control

So, my wife put up the Christmas Tree directly behind my right speaker this afternoon. I must say, it does a really nice job of damping down some funny echoes back there. I wonder if she'd let me keep it there year round?
Exactly - you will be even more amazed at the benefit you may be able to get from moving your listening chair and head away from the windows & wall. Try to keep you listening position at least 6 feet from a wall for better echo control
Yeah, on the occasions when I've actually been able to arrange my room that way you are correct. However, I have to make this concession to 'she who must be obeyed'. I'm lucky I've got the speakers as far out from the wall as I do.
Two trees and a menorah tweak is where it's at this holiday season. Silver menorah if you can swing it, nine-branch, not seven. Wait till you hear the effect of the presents piling up in the corners. Ah the holidays.
Quad Christmas tree echo control is even tree in each corner.

Do the whole Enchanted Forest thing... You'll get "lost" in the music.
Of course she will let you keep the tree up, all year. In fact she is planning to put up another behind the other speaker. Christmas, all year round. I think it is a plot on her part to keep you from buying another piece of gear. Clever, she is.
Yule never know til you ask.
Heck, you can even use the manger set and the little towns that are popular nowadays as cable lifters. Throw in some wreaths at the 1st reflection spots and you're set. See if she can top that.
obviously your room needs some type of treatment based on this :

why not look into getting 1 or 2 artificial trees after the holiday season is over. They usually can be found online or at local craft stores.
What kind of tinsel and decorations have the best acoustics? Does Scotch pine sound better?
Too bad they don't make Angel Hair anymore (loved handling that spun glass as a kid). You could layer that stuff anywhere.