Chris Thile congrats

Congratulations to Chris Thile for receiving a MacArthur foundation "genious" grant. It is an unrestricted grant for $500k to pursue writing music. If you like bluegrass, jazz, or classical Americana, I recommend Chris Thile. He is originally from Brentwood, TN. and is probably the finest mandolin player alive today. I particularly enjoy his playing on Mark O'Connor's 30 Year live retrospective disc where it is Chris on mandolin, Mark on violin, and Bryan Sutton on guitar- great mix of genres and musicianship.
Nice. I saw the Punch Brothers last march. They were great. I have been a fan since he was in Nickel Creek.
I'm a fan and he's clearly a genius and deserving of all the accolades that have landed on his head, but what the hell does he need a grant for? I can only assume he's the highest paid mandolin player in history, so why not give the grant to some talented unknown who could use a break?