Chris' latest cables.

I went to purchase a set of ICs from Chris, aka VH Audio, and for a bit of a bump in cost, he offered to send his new V-Twist ICs. Chris and I go back to the days I used to modify equipment, and knowing how conscious he is about his product, for me it was a no brainer. It turned out that not only was the IC impressive, they easily smoked everything I had laying around, some retailed for over 3 times the cost. I don’t have loads to spend on cables, but Chris makes it easy with a comparatively inexpensive cable which in my experience far out classes its, so called, competition. Opinions are just that, but in my opinion these are very good ICs for the money and when they become available on his site, you may want to check them out.



Oops, you've stepped in it now! 😉 There can be only one opinion here! 😀 Thanks.

Apparently Fatbuddy has confused eloquence for vitriol?  His confusion might be part of a larger, more systemic disease process which has rendered him unable to discern the differences between the subjective and the objective, as it pertains to public discourse regarding things audio.  As for our OP, he is quite obviously a gentleman.  I, on the other hand, am willing to lower myself for the sake of an honest and personal exchange of ideas 💡 

Sommovigo is apparently going from strength to strength.  Alongside Black Cat he also launched Graceline.

Yeah they are some nice products...i think the two are different offerings as far as 1 being a somewhat "diy" and graceine/blackcat a finished product offering.Love to try some coppertone spk wire...nice stuff fo sho.