Chris' latest cables.

I went to purchase a set of ICs from Chris, aka VH Audio, and for a bit of a bump in cost, he offered to send his new V-Twist ICs. Chris and I go back to the days I used to modify equipment, and knowing how conscious he is about his product, for me it was a no brainer. It turned out that not only was the IC impressive, they easily smoked everything I had laying around, some retailed for over 3 times the cost. I don’t have loads to spend on cables, but Chris makes it easy with a comparatively inexpensive cable which in my experience far out classes its, so called, competition. Opinions are just that, but in my opinion these are very good ICs for the money and when they become available on his site, you may want to check them out.


There’s another Chris - who also specializes in cabling. Chris Sommovigo @ Black Cat Cable. Both gentlemen have made substantial contributions to the advancement of audio cabling and accessories.

That's a blast from the past.  I have some of his digital cables.  It's too bad the content that was available back in the 90's was so horrible.   I wonder if he is using OCC silver, copper in his designs.



Nice, but VH Audio is at the upper end of my tolerance for cable cost. I purchased what I needed to make a few different cables in order to save a couple of bucks after my initial purchase.


@lous @fatdaddy2  We are all shills for being passionate about our gear and the manufacturer’s we embrace if we dare to share our opinions with others.  Some will take offense to our championing of favored products etc.., believing that their is some sort of Audiophile Rulebook that prohibits such actions.  Of course this is ridiculous in light of the fact that the entire industry is predicated upon individuals producing products that can gain favor with potential buyers, often filtered via  the parasitic gate keepers that review arbitrary products based on potential advertising revenue.  It’s a dirty system that has no rules or guidelines, mostly because it’s a freaking hobby!  So…enjoy and share passionately whilst ignoring the demented shut ins who have created their own special world that is devoid of the human spirit to share our experiences and preferences with others whom we perceive as kindred spirits.  Our fatbuddy would have a coronary over some of my posts….I actually have favorite products that I feel are superior to others 😵‍💫


Oops, you've stepped in it now! 😉 There can be only one opinion here! 😀 Thanks.