Chris' latest cables.

I went to purchase a set of ICs from Chris, aka VH Audio, and for a bit of a bump in cost, he offered to send his new V-Twist ICs. Chris and I go back to the days I used to modify equipment, and knowing how conscious he is about his product, for me it was a no brainer. It turned out that not only was the IC impressive, they easily smoked everything I had laying around, some retailed for over 3 times the cost. I don’t have loads to spend on cables, but Chris makes it easy with a comparatively inexpensive cable which in my experience far out classes its, so called, competition. Opinions are just that, but in my opinion these are very good ICs for the money and when they become available on his site, you may want to check them out.



He isn't selling them formally as yet, so you'll have to ask, unless you want to make your own, he is selling the wire and connectors. He uses a cable burner before he ships, so your home made versions will need some burn in time. Like so many other things, I used to think burners were a joke, but someone insisted that I send him some horrid sounding ICs, when they came back they were still inexpensive junk, but they no longer made your ears bleed.


I have ordered all new cables from him. I was always narrow focused on his capacitors in the past, I never really paid much attention to the rest of his offerings, obviously a big mistake. I should have all the cables made up over the weekend with any luck.


Which definition are you using in your ad hominem abusive? I'd hate to be guilty of a strawman argument. The fact is that after Don Sachs praised Ice Age Audio's IC, over the Duelund ICs he had been promoting, I figured that I'd try some different ICs. After buying various V-Caps from Chris, whom I have never met in person, I figured that he was likely as anal about his ICs as he was about his capacitors. I also ordered a set from Ice Age Audio, but I experienced an issue, I suspect human error after checking them out with my multimeter, but at any rate I haven't squeezed in the time to try them again. Regardless, in my system the cables Chris will be replacing his previous high end ICs with was offered to me for what I considered a sizable increase in cost. Chris knows that I have heard and modified a lot of equipment over the years, and I suspect that had something to do with his offer. If telling people that these cables made an impressive improvement in my system makes me a shill, then so be it, I'm a shill. If you are using a different definition than you are lying with no supportable basis for your ad hominem abusive. If the ICs didn't make an improvement I wouldn't have attacked them, ICs are a resistive, capacitive, inductive load. One IC may make an improvement in one system, but have a negative impact on another as they interact with the source and load in the circuit. OTOH, the closer the IC comes to a neutral effect the better the IC. I strongly suspect, again based upon my experiences with Chris' capacitors, that he has constructed a pretty neutral cable that will interact well with most components. Frankly for years now I have been using home made Duelund ICs, and Western Electric wires for my speakers, 12 gage Dueland, which is based upon Western Electric wires, seemed too expensive since aside from slightly better copper, is the same as Western Electric wires. Due to the pain in the rump it is to swap out anything on my amp, it sits on a glass stand, I haven't done a proper A/B between the W.E. wire and my Goertz flat speaker cables, but as I have ordered Chris' speaker cable I'll be comparing all 3, but as stated above, regardless of what I hear, that a cable plays nicely in my system is no guarantee that it will in yours. OTOH, if someone is on their way to spend a tremendous amount of money on a set of cables, trying these out first might be a good idea. Furthermore, multiple people have sung the praises of Chris' cables here. Does this mean that they too are shills? All things considered, I'd say that your ad hominem attack reflects more poorly upon you than upon others.