Choseal cables

Has anyone tried Choseal cables (made in China)? I ordered a pair of 2.5m single wire speaker cables terminated with locking banana plugs and a 1.8m power cord. After a two-week trial, I can say that the speaker cables are not only excellent value but very nice overall competing with with ten times more expensive biwire copper cables - they just rock (they are dynamic,have a high frequency "bite" and great focus)!

Not so with the power cords. Though they are very well made (they are very rigid and robust) and sound good overall, they tend to be bright and mushy. The VH Audio AirSine, in comparison, are very neutral, extended and relaxed.
Cable preferences are always a matter of personal taste. There really is no standard lexicon that I know of for cable sonics. So your saying "mushy and bright" doesn't bring anything that I recognize sonically to mind. The terms in my mind are a contradiction of sorts, maybe others will know what you meant by it.
I am glad your happy with some of their cable, I will keep an ear open for them if they happen to be in a system I am listening to.
I am also interested in Choseal power cord. Is it really worth its price tag?

Obviously, VH airsine is above my budget.