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First of all. I have about $100k in my set up. That's only for credibility. For several years I've read/learned from this forum. I've always been amused at the lack of objective analysis. The long timers exercising their will and controlling the narrative. I was just a reader until the recent onslaught of a guy, (Audioholics) that has more testing equipment than any of the pontificators on this site. He tried to give all a scientific analysis, with the most accurate data to help us with our decision(about cables) and was lambasted on this forum by "those in the know", thereby demonstrating their ignorance and prompting me to post this. Why would we demonize a guy that went to this effort for us?? Many of us are new to this site and here for good information. Please don't fall into the BS of anyone with a long term history, unless they have actually had first hand experience of the product they are evaluating, or have some type of technical degree. I'm done listening to the subjective BS this site provides. If you agree, then demand credentials and actual experience before you consider any of these bloviating replies from long-term "audiophiles". I know I will be blistered for this, which only confirms my position.
God, do I miss Roger Modjeski....

Your post triggered a RM flashback. A good friend and audiophile (now passed on) and I took a trip to the Newport show years back. Several rooms were $100k systems. More than 60% of the rooms were fairly underwhelming for whatever reasons, blame it on the rooms maybe. We looked at each other many times listening in various rooms wondering why so many of the manufacturer’s rooms were just okay sounding...Room after room, listening to every single room over a few days.

That same weekend we returned from the show and sat down to listen to his RM tube amp and AI Modulus III preamp paired with his Totem Monitor speakers at the time. He had just under $20k investment in his entire system. We realized his little well matched system sounded better than 85% of everything we had just heard at the show. The missing part of the story is this friend spent 20 years trying different setups, speakers, cables, rooms. He spent a lot of time getting the synergy and component matching "right", and was eventually awarded a nice writeup by members of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) who ranked his little system very highly against some other very impressive system costing 5x the price. His game was component matching and finding a really good synergy.  I'd bet he’s up there with RM right now listening to something nice and not overly expensive.  
OP, stand up, chest out. this ain't no picknic. :-)

IRS Betas.. WOW... sounds fun... I go all the way back to RS2Bs YUP, still have them. I've done everything to those speakers.. Great bass NOW!.. Night and day from factory.. Great small room speakers too..

I like RS infinity speakers.. QLS1, RS Infinitesimals. Great little bookshelf..


Agree with most everything you’ve said so far. 

Except: Money spent = Credibility. 

I see that as one of the very biggest detractors in this forum. Spending lots of money makes you a fool or a genius.  Rarely a genius, which leaves a fool.

i see so many in here name and brand dropping, like a class room  full of third-graders raising their hands and screaming, “Ooh ooh!” because they all have the answer.

it’s actually shameful.
@decooney thanks for the great it. i rescued my RM-9  and light load it....sounds fantastic

to the OP, seriously with the gear you have....get some better cables....( and yes i keep a 10 m set of BJC as a spare in my travel setup case as well as 2x of the ethernet cable they make, so i have a few laps with them... )
I managed a dealership where we stocked everything but the IRS, the Beta w dual bass tower setup is unique to my knowledge...what is your room like ?
Are you only just realizing that this forum is full of superhumans who can hear the electrons collide in the air, who can hear directionality in copper wires, who think fuses make a considerable difference to the sound and who think that raising speaker cables off the floor also make a tremendous difference to the sound :-) ?