Chose Denon for speakers

After listening to many receivers I ended up liking the Denon 3803 the best and am now looking for speakers. I am mostly an HT person but would really like to listen to more music with some that sounds enjoyable. I listened to the Sonus Concertino and Vienna Haydn at tweeter and really liked the sound of the Concertino on the 5803. Am I goign to get that same sound on the 3803... any other suggestions would be appreciated because I also like the Vandersteen 2ce, Paradigm 60, Klipsch RF7.....
A friend of mine just bought the 3803 and the Paradigm's and I thought combination sounded very impressive.
I recently installed the 3803 and after listening to Paradigm Studios, Def Tech, Vandersteen, Boston, M&K, Energy, and B&W I chose the B&W CDM NT line. I'm using 7NT's for the front with the CNT and 1NT's to round it out. Give them a listen and make sure they are well broken in as their sound changes dramatically after burn in. Honestly I was worried at first when I unpacked them and wondered if I missed the boat on the speakers or the receiver. However, after 2 months they are really starting to open up and remind me why I chose them. BTW, I'd also audition Revel if you can find them as I've read nothing but glowing reviews. Have fun!
I have a Denon 3801 with the Sonus Faber Concertino speakers including the center. The Concertino has a nice smooth mid range and highs (Not overly bright) which matches the warm Denon sound quite well. I have had this set up for quite sometime and am very happy with it. I did also listened to the Vienna but decided to go with SF.
As with the surround speaker, depending on the size of the room, the mirage omni sats will do nicely!

You would need a sub to bring out the base. To bring out the dynamic and soundstage of any CD or DVD sound tracks, I would recommend that you bypass the L,R,C channel amp section of the Denon with a decent Multi-Channel Amps.

Then when you get the $$, go to a nice pre-pro. Bottom line, let your ears and budget decide.
M&Ks are a natural match with Denon, as are the paradigms. I just don't like the paradigm sound (psb is better to me) but is worth an audition
I also have the 3803; I'm using 5 older Acoustic Research that I've had for about 10 years. The first new speaker set-up that I'd listen to are the PSB Image series. Fantastic range without over-emphasizing any one frequency area,similar to the Paradigm line. The performance-to-dollar value on the PSB's is one of the best for any speaker line.
I'm using Boston Acoustics VR950 with a PV600 subwoofer (the sub is turned WAY down - I almost don't need it), and the sound is very nice, especially in pure direct mode. Bostons tend to have a full but somewhat bright sound, and the Denon has a warm sound. I think it's a nice combination... I picked up the Bostons for $350 on sale at Tweeter, and the sub for another $350. There is also a new VR3 speaker that sounds stunning, which sells for $1200 a pair.