Chord SPM 6000 vs Mark Levinson 33H

Speakers: Wilson Benesch ACT.

Music: Alicia Keys, Celine Dion, Norah Jones, Eva Cassidy...
Trance and Techno...

Which do you think would best match and any other amps suggestion?

Thanks, Phil.
Vocals are terrific using tubes. VAC actually 'sings' (no pun intended) with vocals. The low level resolution of tubes renders the emotion of music incredibly well. Plus, Kevin Hayes' service is terrific.
His latest series of amps is vastly superior to his work even a few years ago. Usually, he has a few used pieces listed on his web site--could offer a savings.
Before buying a name that you are more familiar with, therefore more comfortable, at least try tubes in the system--then (if you haven't already) you'll know what the shouting is all about.
Levinson, IMHO, doesn't offer the same emotional level that great tubes give you--hey, it's worth an audition!
Good Listening,