Chord SPM 6000's vs Edge Signature One's

What is best match for either my Magnepan 20.1's or My mbl 101D's.

I listen mostly to Jazz, New Age, Blues, Vocals. Some Light Classical.

Any experiences shared are always appreicated.

Thanks, Dave.
No question,go with the chord amps. Put the two side by side and open them up and look around. I know the "reviewers" love Edge, I don't care. I used to own a Chord amp till I switched from A biased A/B to pure class A (Gryphon). It was a great amp. Trust your EYES and ears.
For the Magnapan 20.1, get the Chord. The extra power will be appreciated by them. For the MBL 101D's, get the Edge Signature. The Edge will make them sound phenomenal.
Hi Jim. Do not if this will help much as I have no experience with either of your speaker choices, however I've been running the SPM6000 mono's with the B&W sig 800. The sound is sweet and not at all solid statish(in an accoustically disasterous room) and we all know how revealing the B&W is. All I read prior to buying Chord suggested that the way to get the most out of the Chord is to pair their amp and pre together and in fact this was born out when switching out the CPA4000 pre for the CAT pre. Good Luck.