Chord sound?


Can anyone describe the typical sound of Chord?
How does it compare to older Krell and Mark Levinson amplifiers?

Nice amps , warm .

up with the best
I have read lots of good things about them, a guy compared them to a Class A krell, in terms of sound.
Clean, clear, excellent grip, no congestion, fast, accurate, not warm but not cool. Awesome attack and decay. Accurate. Delivers all the detial in a natural way. Not familiar with Krell or ML.
I am using combo SPM1200C/CPA3000 and sound really really amazing, dynamic, clean, lots of details and precise. Not bright and not really warm, I think quite neutral. In addition, Chord amps matching best with each other, especially Chord power amp should match with Chord pre amp. I am thinking to upgrade to 1400E mono blocks if I find a good pair with good offer.
Thanks all.
Any specific thoughts on their SPA 2232 Integra?