Chord signature reference versus Audience SX speaker cables

I have a Luxman L500 AX integrated amp and Harbeth 7 speakers and mostly listen to digital music through Mac Mini and Ayre Qb9 DAC.
Looking for natural sounding cables. Anybody trued one of the above 2 speaker cables. Please shed light on the subject. 
I don't have direct experience with Chord's speaker cables.

I do have the Audience Au24 SX speaker cables and am very happy with them. I'd expect them to do well in your system. If you are US based, you can demo them via The Cable Company's Lending Program.
I recently had a home audition of the Audience SX speaker cables. In my system they were very, very, good. I preferred them over Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 and Shunyata Alpha speaker cables. Cables are system dependent, but in my system the Audience is open, detailed, and has a natural sound without any brightness. In comparison, the Shunyata is slightly dark and the Wireworld slightly bright. I can't speak about the Chord, because I've never listened to them.
thank u all
I bought the chord signature refernece with very good initial impression