Chord Qutest - would you buy it again?

Hi I am close to buying a Chord Qutest.
But before I pull the trigger I want to ask owners of there long term impression of the Qutest.

In short would you buy it today?

If you fell for it it would be nice to know how you feed music into the Qutest
I came close to buying it but my dealer also sells the RME ADI2 DAC. Saved $800 and got a much better feature set in the process. Also gives you a choice of headphones over ear or IEM.
Thanks luxmancl38 for recommending the RME ADI2 DAC. it is getting som really good reviews. Have the paid for them? (-:
nearly to good to be true, better the YGGDRASIL?

Can you disable the display?
I own the Chord Qutest, amongst other DACs. I bought it because I was super impressed by it and the Magico speakers I was being demoed. I bought mine on another used equipment site in Mint condition. I plan to use it with my Magico A3s. I like the DAC for the four different filters it has which can give you a very detailed sound to 2-3 different warmer rolled off sounds. It’s also an FPGA DAC. There aren’t as many of those around and future firmware upgrades will make it hopefully, even better. It also has high resolution inputs. I also have the Yggdrasil which has no adjustable filters but has a very detailed sound. Chord makes quality products and I am very happy with it. I will likely get an external power supply for it which hopefully will bring a material further improvement. I know the Hugo is supposed to be excellent too. But I didn’t want to pay for the integrated headphone amp that I didn’t need. 
I own the chord 2qute, and its amazing for what it is. I use a Sonore UltraRendu running Roon to connect to the 2qute. Very wide separation and soundstage. With rhythm and detail that will put a smile on your face. The qutest is just a newer model, and would therefore sound atleast as good. 
I also have a Qutest and have been pleased with it.  I think it sounds great.  I have had for > 8 months now.  I use an Innuos Zenmini running Roon and a mix of my music and Tidal.  It is fed into an Audio Hungary APR 203, First Watt F7 and then Rethm Saadhana.  Bliss!
I have owned a 2qute for 6 months. Initially loved it but found myself turning the volume down. Have ordered an Exposure Dac to try seems like a giant killer. Due this weekend. With the Chord I lost all the bottom end. System is Croft epoch elite with twin star 1 power amp, melco streamer and piega classic 40.2. My rega p3 sounds better. Hope this helps. 
You should also consider the Audio-gd R8 with upgrade of Accusilicon clocks. 
I dont think there's any DAC with its price quality ratio. 
I have had the Chord Qutest for about a month. It is a very good little DAC. You get a lot of quality for the money. I have been impressed with it.  I have the Chord Hugo M Scaler ordered to pair with the Qutest to take it to an even high level.

If you are not sure though , it is always better to try a demo of The Qutest at your local Chord dealer. A home demo would be even better.
It does require some break in time of a few days. It can be a little strident   at first. 

I forgot to mention that the Audio-gd R8 also has FPGA programable and 7 different filters.
Also its a ladder DAC with an incredible analog sound. 
You wont regret buying one. 
My Qutest is paired w a Lumin streamer, Line Magnetic integrated driving Devore 0/93s. Find the Dac to be a superb match in the system. 
No I wouldn’t . I had a qutest fed from  a lumin streamer via kimber coaxial digital cable. I was not happy with the sound even with  all the filters. I sold it and bought a theta digital gen viii series 3, which is a class a preamp plus dac. It sounds amazing. The step up over the qutest was like night and day . I also feed my ayre cx-5 CD player through it and redbook cds sound very nice. Would recommend the gen viii . 
If you go to RME ADI2 DAC walk through RME has made a 5 part step by step video on how to operate their DAC. Much easier than going through the book. Audio Science Review has a pretty active RME thread. Good place to ask questions.
@luxmancl38 Thank for the tips. The ADI-2 will arrive in a week
I have one.  I think so.  I would prefer it was MQA certified, although I doubt I could tell.  I "upgraded" from the Bluesound inode 2I.  But I upgraded amp, speakers, etc. 
This is my computer audio, so for the application being a computer driving a USB stream it works fine.  
With the tubes, the filters and everything else, it is very hard to AB them.  At the $1,800 - I believe some other may win for for sound, however the build quality is excellent, and that ranks very high for me.  So likely would do the same.  
The Watkins Gen Four speakers made the setup much more than anything else.  So I'd spend other places first if sound with budget (value) was the top priority, but with build quality and simplicity, it is worth the money.  

I have been listen to the RME ADI2 DAC for a couple of days comparing it with my Cambridge Audio Azure N851.

The ADI-2 has more air but voices could really need some warmth. Don't think I will keep it.
Have had a Qutest for about 2 months now and yes I would most definitely buy it again.  I am feeding it by Melco N1A via USB as well as by a Bluesound Node 2i.  For MQA the Node does the first unfold via its digital output (so I’m good to 96K going that route).   For most everything else I’m now using the Melco as my streamer.   I picked up the Qutest because of its compatibility with the Melco, and to my ears it’s a sweet combination.  The Qutest has replaced a Bryston BDA1 as my go to DAC in my system.