Chord Qutest with the Lumin U1 Mini VS Lumin T2

Just wanted to ask for your advice on streaming devices for those that are familiar with the Lumin brand.

My system consists of a Macbook Pro and a Chord Qutest connected to my Mcintosh MA352 (using Roon).

Here are my questions:

Would switching my Macbook Pro to a Lumin Streamer be a significant upgrade?

If so, would it be better for me to keep the Qutest DAC and just add the Lumin U1 Mini or should i just discard the Qutest and go for the Lumin T2? 

Has anyone tried this combination? If so which sounds better?

Thanks in advance!
I can’t respond to your questions regarding the Qutest DAC but I recently upgraded from a NAD C658 to a Lumin T2.  This was a huge improvement in sound quality in my system.    I’m very happy with the T2 and the gentleman I purchased it from said it will improve significantly after 400 hours.

(Disclaimer -- I'm a Lumin dealer)

I think you would likely be quite happy with ether option.  I've never heard a U1 Mini with a Qutest, but I would imagine it's likely a nice combo. 

The T2 is quite good.
I think that the Qutest and U1 mini is a great combination if you like the clean, crisp and precise sound of the Qutest as I do...

The T2 may sound a touch warmer...

The Qutest is a custom FPGA implementing the Watts Transient Aligned architecture vs the T2 being a Delta Sigma architecture... Choose your poison...

Either way, getting away from a direct connection (USB) from your MacBook will make a bit of a difference also... You will still be able to stream from your MacBook to either the U1 mini or T2 via wifi/ethernet...