Chord Qutest + MScaler

I have a Chord Qutest, looking to buy an MScaler to pair with it. What improvements should I see? Would the money be better spent selling the Qutest and buying a Hugo TT2, with no mscaler. I've read many reviews, just wondering what the community had to think on this. 
My suggestion first is to get a dedicated linear power supply for your Qutest.
i got one from Teddy Pardo for about $375.00 inc shipping and micro usb cable.

incredible improvement.

that M-scaler is kinda spendy. If you’re going that upmarket, get the TT2.
go all in!

Hey @ianrmack funny enough. I also have my qutest powered by a Teddy Pardo LPS. I've also got a Synergistic Research Master Coupler feeding the Teddy, with a SR Orange Fuse in it. Both the power cord and fuse were substantial upgrade to the sound. Highly recommended. I also have a Sonore Ultrarendu feeding the Quest as well as a Uptone EtherRegen feeding the Rednu. Both the UltraRendu and the EtherRegen were substantial for the Qutest sound, and both I wouldn't be caught dead without. More so than the Teddy feeding the Qutest. 
Thing about all these positive reviews of these vairous LPS is...No one knows all the other aspects of these systems. So in truth, it's meaningless unless you can compare apples for apples. System for system, room for room, etc. 

This is why I can't spend $500-$900 on a LPS that I would truly never know what the impact is. If they want to let me audition one in my own system sure, we can go from there. 
Here’s a video with that exact comparison

I think it depends on if you need the headphone or XLR output. 
@jc51373 i recently sold/traded the Qutest with Teddy Pardo power supply for a TT2. Honestly.... with the LPS on the Qutest, it beats the TT2(stock power supply) in sheer tonality and it had a blacker background than the TT2 does with a stock power supply. This is not to take anything away from the TT2. The TT2 has more resolution and the timing of everything is just better. With an LPS it will be an endgame dac. Just pointing out, with an LPS the Qutest performed better than my TT2(stock) in some aspects. Time to start saving for a LPS for my TT2!