Chord Qutest + MScaler

I have a Chord Qutest, looking to buy an MScaler to pair with it. What improvements should I see? Would the money be better spent selling the Qutest and buying a Hugo TT2, with no mscaler. I've read many reviews, just wondering what the community had to think on this. 
Please see the link below on the Chord M-Scaler:

The bottom line is how does it sounds in your system.   TAS gives the Chord TT2 DAC and M-Scaler a good review but it also gives a good review to many other DAC’s.   I have never heard Chord equipment so I cannot comment.    

My suggestion first is to get a dedicated linear power supply for your Qutest.
i got one from Teddy Pardo for about $375.00 inc shipping and micro usb cable.

incredible improvement.

that M-scaler is kinda spendy. If you’re going that upmarket, get the TT2.
go all in!

Hey @ianrmack funny enough. I also have my qutest powered by a Teddy Pardo LPS. I've also got a Synergistic Research Master Coupler feeding the Teddy, with a SR Orange Fuse in it. Both the power cord and fuse were substantial upgrade to the sound. Highly recommended. I also have a Sonore Ultrarendu feeding the Quest as well as a Uptone EtherRegen feeding the Rednu. Both the UltraRendu and the EtherRegen were substantial for the Qutest sound, and both I wouldn't be caught dead without. More so than the Teddy feeding the Qutest.