Chord Mojo vs. Halide DAC HD

I'm reading good things about the Chord Mojo and wonder how it compares with the Halide DAC HD.  Anyone  have any listening experience with the two or know of published reviews?
Added clarification: . . . or know of published reviews comparing the two?
No reviews i know of comparing them. I replaced a great rega dac with the halide and think it sounds excellent. It also comes with high quality cables and no need for a power supply. For me the small footprint sold me on it and its why it replaced the rega. 

would like to hear the chord but for now in my setup this works great. 

Keep us posted. 

Thanks for sharing.  The points you make for the Halide and good ones - especially the cables - and seem to make it a very good value.  
Agree with above - I have had the Halide in my office system about 2 years and it is excellent. Remember too, that the Halide is available used, and the Mojo essentially is not. On the other hand, if you need the headphone function that the Halide doesn't offer, the Mojo becomes a good value...
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  I don't need the headphone function so that that's a plus for the Halide.  I have looked for a used Halide but have had no luck on Ebay and Audiogon though I have not pursed diligently.  If you know of where I can find one used I would be interested and appreciative.
the Halide will come up fairly often on Audiogon for about $300, but there is not always one available...keep checking
Will do. Tks!