Chord Mojo headamp/USB DAC

Anyone managed to get one for a listen yet? Seems it's better than the Hugo, but companies tend to hype these things.
I had auditioned and picked one up recently.   Been using with various headphones and as an alternate DAC in my main system.   This is a very special device!   More to come.

This is the unique technical approach for a DAC that in particular got my attention once I started to read all the praise the Mojo has garnered.

The Mojo has a very distinctive sound different than any other digital or analogue source in my home, especially in regards to dynamics. Its clear listening on most good quality headphones and even clearer using Mojo as the DAC in my main system at home. Chords use of a FPGA rather than a mass marketed DAC chip clearly facilitates this.
The Mojo is very special.  I use a Hugo Tabletop in my system now.
Any one ever carefully compared the sound of Mojo to Benchmark DAC in a good home system?
Beyond just being a good overall sounding DAC, the Mojo seems to add impact and dynamics to the music in a way that other DACs I have compared with do not. The music just seems to hit you harder yet still in a most detailed yet non-fatiguing manner. You can really notice it with good piano recordings. I suspect it is due to specifics of how they program the FGPA. It seems to add a lot of life to all but perhaps the very poorest recordings.

The name "Mojo" seems most appropriate and explains what I hear quite well actually.