Chord Mojo DAC in your System

Anyone tried this? Anyone compared to other DACs in their system?

I sampled this water first time last night with very distinctive positive results.

Nice having such a fine sounding portable DAC that can also serve time well in a good home system.  Adds a lot of value!
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I have a Chord Hugo TableTop in my system.  I also have the Mojo for portable needs.  Great DACs.
I am using Mojo for my desk top system
iMac/Audirvana plus/Mojo/Wyred 4 Sound Mint/Harbeth 3PESR SE.
It is truly great DAC. Sound stage depth improved a lot and sweet but very detail sound. I can feel layers of player very easily.
I do not use headphone that much but headphone amp is plus.
I am using in line mode all the time .
I am very happy with this DAC.

Yes depth detail focus and very good dynamics.  

I use it in my main rig as alternate to mhdt Constantine.    

Mojo to Mogami gold y cable to audio research sp16 to bel canto ref1000m amps to ohm F5 series 3 speakers  (12" walsh style driver).