Chord M-Scaler and Should I Want One?

I have an Innuos Zenith Mk3 server/streamer feeding an Innuos PhoenixUSB reclocker, which feeds my Gryphon Diablo 300’s DAC module.  I am connecting these with Audioquest Diamond USB cords.  I love the sound of this combo. 

I know the Chord M-Scaler doesn’t support the max upsampling when connecting non-Chord DAC’s, but I’ve read in multiple places that it still makes a big improvement.

Are others using the M-Scaler with non-Chord DAC’s and if so what has your experience been?

As an aside I see the M-Scaler only allows for the tiny low-voltage power cord.  I find this surprising since I find that an aftermarket premium cord improves my Innuos USB reclocker very noticeably (but not as noticeably as using premium cords with my Innuos streamer). 




@mrc4u , not sure if you are still monitoring Audiogon forums as I see you haven't posted in a while.  But I read your old post noting your experience connecting the M Scaler with the Diablo 300's DAC, before you added the Chord DAC. You also noted that you prefer a weightier sound which is also why I chose the Diablo 300 a few years back.

I'm not looking to add a standalone DAC.  Would you say, from your experience, that the M Scaler is worthwhile addition connected to the Gryphon DAC, using its SPDIF BNC input?


If you haven't been there already a good place for research might be on the Head-Fi official thread. You can enquire about the in-depth technical considerations there including to Rob Watts.

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Have you looked at the HoloAudio May DAC KTE?

It is established as the current competitor for Hugo + M Scaler but will cost you quite a lot less.  


@nyev, I use an AudioQuest Diamond USB cable going from my music server to an Audiowise SRC.DX USB to DX converter so that I can bypass the Amanero USB input in my Chord Hugo M Scaler because I get a better signal with a BNC cable. Some folks say that good cables don’t matter. But my experience has shown me this not to be true. 

I would try another dac. Either of the top 2 Denafrips dacs, the Holo May, either of the top 2 Audio Mirror Dacs would probably sound much nicer than the Diablo 300 Dac. I used to have the Diablo300 with the built in dac, and all of the above mentioned dacs were much better sounding than the Diablo dac in my room