CHORD Hugo TT2 vs TEAC NT-505 + TEAC CG-10M Master Clock

I know someone will say I’m comparing apples and oranges.

I own an Esoteric SA-10 with its excellent VOSP mechanism and I want to upgrade by adding a DAC.

I’m purely considering audio quality and I can’t easily audition/compare the two solutions I selected : the CHORD Hugo TT2 (4’790 € in my country) and the TEAC combo NT-505 + CG-10M 10MHz Master Clock (a total of 3’198 € + ~200 € for the digital cable for the clock).

I’ve always been fascinated by the CHORD with its special FPGA-based D-to-A technology and the Hugo TT2 even features super-capacitors in the power supply. On the other side the TEAC NT-505 has got wonderful reviews and it’s equipped with the AKM AK4497 chips of the Esoteric N-01 (~20’000 €). The NT-505 can likely be boosted by the CG-10M dedicated Master Clock and I consider it a combo that inspires me.

I’m looking for a full-bodied sound with lots of detail and focus. I like a holographic soundstage.

Could you please help me in this choice? The Chord is a much more expensive stand-alone DAC compared to the NT-505 (4’790 vs 1’699!) but will it win hands-down also considering the external TEAC Master Clock in the equation?

Thank you very much!
TEAC NT-505  is also a streamer
Hugo TT2  , I think ,  is only a DAC

There is also , iFi Pro iDSD
not sure the clock is an audible benefit unless you are listening to orchestra music

@maxwave : I know the NT-505 is much more versatile than the Hugo TT2 but here I’m trying to figure out which one will sound better for my taste

@canibefrank : interesting point. Do you say a better external better has a limited impact on sound? Actually I don’t know because I’ve no experience with external clocks but I’ve been thinking that precision, focus and soundstage representation would have been increased in any genre of music. Was I wrong?

there was a review I read of the NT-505 with the TEAC external clock that mentioned the stock NT-505 with the dual clocks are absolutely excellent. If you are looking for the last little bit of HiFi with your music or studio application, use the external TEAC clock. You would need a highly resolving set of monitors-speakers to hear that external clock benefit.
@canibefrank : thank you, I didn’t notice the stock NT-505 even has a dual clock for 44.1 and 48KHz frequencies. I can now get the point that the external TEAC CG-10M Master Clock could just add super-fine details.

I wanted to know your opinions about Hugo TT2 vs NT-505, but it’s clear the TEAC is the box to beat and at a fraction of the price of the Chord!

Thank you,