Chord Dave or Ayre QX5 Twenty DAC???

Down to two choices in DAC's, the Chord Dave or the Ayre QX-5 Twenty. Comes down to best sound or versatility and cost. Speakers are Wilson Audio Sasha's and amp is T+A 2500R. Love the versatility of the Ayre but the sound of the Chord Dave is phenomenal, not sure if the Ayre could compare. Not sure if the Chord would still sound as good without spending mass amounts on a power regenerator and power cable. 
Not yet as I wanted a different DAC and Stealth caps as well as a few other things.  As for TMP, I've heard it in a few systems now and it's crazy good as a server alone.  Just very relaxed with incredible timing.  It's by far the best digital I've heard to date.  

The DAC is not a quad DAC and it will have special power supplies etc...  All components will be within very tight tolerance's for sound staging etc...  I'll be using HRS Nimbus footers and the Audioquest Hurricane and possibly upgrading to Dragon as the Dragon upgrade on a source is the biggest bang for the buck.  We are shooting for the second week in Sept as I'm not in a hurry.  
On Oct 10th, I'll be taking delivery of an all in one The Memory Player by Sam Laufer's company.   He has updated his DAC offering in the player and souped it up big time.  It's the best server I've ever heard by far and they upgrade it remotely on a constant basis as they learn more and more.  Lowest Jitter of any that I've ever seen.  
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