Chord DAC64 still up to date?

I own my DAC64 for nearly five years now, running it with a German Audionet Art V-2 CD-transport. Audiophile nerviosa is starting to torment me, however. How is the Chord holding up? Has its time gone by, are there better DACs for the money by now? Already I get tempted e.g. by the new Accustic Arts (more expensive, though). I´d be happy to hear from former DAC64-owners who upgraded, or from owners who compared it to other units, and decided to keep it. Thanks.
Hassel, I have not heard your DAC64 in years, however my memory of it would indicate that you would be very impressed with the sonics of the newer digital gear.

If you take a look at my thread entitled, Reference DACS: An overall perspective, you would find much useful information. I just got the new Accoustic Arts DAC-1MK4, wrote a review here on the GON recently, and find it to be a terrific piece.