Chord Dac

Has anyone heard about this DAC(Chord 64 dac). How does it perform. Compare others like Marks, wadia or MSB platinum.
I haven't heard this DAC but it does look interesting and got a great review in Hi-Fi+'s last edition.
Here's a link to their web site which contains the details on this so called new technology.
I'd be interested to hear what some of the more technical Audiogoners think of the theory behind it.
Sorry forgot to mention about MY system . included chord pre-amp and power. I am looking for open, detail and smooth silking sound.

I am a fortunate owner of one of the few Chord DAC 64s in the U.S. It is a tremendously wonderful piece of equipment. I cannot praise it enough. My dealer tried to convince me that the Linn CD 12 is better, but not to my ear. I ditched my Linn Ikemi as soon as I heard it, and it saves $17,000 compared to the CD 12. Let me know your email address so that we can discuss some issues with the DAC privately.