Chord Carnivals?

I'm thinking of replacing my old bue/black Kimbers with Chord's Carnival Silverscreens or AudioArt Classics. My main goal is to improve imaging, and get the best signal to the speakers. Any thoughts? Let's keep cost under $300 for 3 meters, both channels. Also, can someone have too much speaker wire?
Go to eBay and jump on an auction for a 10-foot pair of Zu Audio's Libtec speaker cables vendored by Zu's zupromos ebay entity. You should be able to snag a pair for $250-300, factory terminated, and with Zu's full factory warranty and 60-day return period. I did, and they're fantastic, especially for sending a focused signal to the speakers, improving bandwidth at both ends, and making the soundstage and imaging pop.

The retail price for Libtec is $1200/pair. If you have the patience (and 10' Libtec pairs come up about 5x week), it's a no-brainer at $240-290.
Audio Art makes some nice stuff for the money,good luck,Bob
Bought a set of singles from my local Hi Fi provider.
They're very impressive. 12' for $275.