choosing the right PRE

Hello all.

I just bought 1*MERIDIAN 557 and SF EXTREMA speakers,
can some1 please recommend on a good PRE AMP for this match?Tube ?SS?
you may want to stick with have the mother of all monitors, and they do excell with ss.
Thanx Jaybo,

The meridian has a XLR I dont know if it fully balance , Do u recommend on Meridian SS for PRE?And conncet it with the XLR?
Anyone tried sonus faber extrema with PRE Tube???

can anyone refer my Q please?
I'd like to know if A Pre Tube can be a good match with the meridian 557 and the Extrema , I have the Meridian and the Extrema just a week and im totaly amazing from the sound- Really excited .
now Im listenning with some very modest SS PRE But I thought it might be warmer with Tube.
also I'd like to get some recommendations about CD?