choosing the best amplification for my setup

Hey guys,

My name is hagay and i'm from israel. i'm a long time reader but this is my first actual post at this forum. Currently, i don't have the space for two seperate systems (one for stereo and one for my home-theater) and i need an "allrounder" system that will handle anything i throw at it with style and grace.

I'm currently using a full set of Morel speakers - Morel Octave, siganture edition (including the sub units, center channel and rears) - please bare in mind that they are all 4 ohm speakers

also,for now, i'm using an Emotiva UMC-1 as a pre/processor (as a part of an upgrade plan for the future XMC-1 processor)

for amplification, i'm using an Audio Refinement multi-5 for the center channel and all the other surround speakers and until today i was using a sunfire signature 600 for the main speakers. i had to sell the sunfire because it stays on all the time and my wife was worried about our toddler always climbing on the stand.

anyhow, i need to find a amplifier for my front speakers - with the subs, they require alot of power and they are working on 4 ohm load.

i had searched all of our local second hand market and these are my options (based on my limited budget):

1. a pair of emotiva XPA-1 (4 months old - Huge !! do i need that ?)
2. a pair of Jeff Roland 201 monoblocks (2005- edition)
3. a pair of Nuforce v9se V.2
4. an AMR AM-777 (integrated with HT bypass)
5. a perreaux audiant 80i (integrated with HT bypass)
6. parasound Halo A21

thats it for now.. What do you guys think about those amps ? which would be better for my current setup ? which would be best for future upgrade to a bigger priceier set of speakers ?

due to them being second hand and the price may vary, can you sort them out from best to worst ?

is there any other option i should consider ?

thanks you guys for all your help.
I see your budget is flexible and some of listed by you amps may be an upgrade to Sig600 you've had previously and some may not. You've even listed a choice of an integrated unit...
I can recommend as an upgrade McIntosh MC402 or if you wish monos MC601
An AMR as a budget minded piece? Well I guess the AMR (integrated) or Rowland as the top with the NuForce Perraux and in the middle and the Parasound and Emotiva toward the bottom. Whichever you choose they all will drive your speakers. I would want to try them out before commiting to buying them to ensure you are happy with the sound.