choosing replacement floorstanders - part 2

I can't add to my original post for some reason

Telescope, I certainly enjoyed them, and the size is right for my room/WAF as well. I'll be going back as the funds rise to meet demand and I narrow my search.

I'm open to more suggestions, since I'm not someone to constantly look for the next upgrade, so I'd like to get as close to 'right' as possible first time. There are way too many options, different technologies and philosophies.

Zd542, you make an interesting point about electronics being key for the higher frequencies - guess I'll be hanging out in those other forums too ;) - so does that mean I can ignore the 'blurbs' about the various tweeter technologies? Just listen to the different types, like ribbons, Be, metal dome, soft dome, and go with what I like? My concern is my Infinity's get uncomfortable at higher volumes in that live room.

The Berrilium in the Focal was certainly impressive in some ways, but none of the others were 'bad'. I've read a lot on the folded ribbon ones, but none of my local dealers carry brands that use them. Am I missing out by not trying to audition some?

The main question I'm hoping to get answered is about the placement of the Vandy's I heard - would positioning the PSB's/B&W's/Focals that far out into the room allow them to expand their imaging that deep, and conversely, would the Vandy's loose some of what I'd heard by pushing them back to where they'd need to be in my room? 2 feet from the front wall, not 4 or more, and probably 6 from the side walls?