choosing Power Cords for Vitus SM-101


2200VA power supply for each monoblock
but i'm not sure what is the power need

for example about Siltech:
“The Ruby Hill II is usable with components with power needs of up to 500W. And the Ruby Mountain II excels with components of all power levels up to 3kW"

what do you think?

Get the Vitus Andromeda pcs as recommended by the factory.
Slisssssstech? Are you F... kidding me? In the past I won all battles against these powercables. There are enough which are superior.
I see you use Pass Labs. Purist Audio is in my opinion the best by far in powercables. I tested many Pass amps and pre amps with powercables. Try Audioquest loudspeakercables. They have all the different properties/qualities your Pass set can give.
And how so is Vitus same with PassLabs? Did they unite after the war? ;)
I have the SM-101 MK-II mono blocks too. These amps are very sensitive to power cords. I use a custom built power cord made of silver (bulk wire from Analysis plus). These amps change their character based on what you feed them, so choose wisely and depending on your preferences. They are that transparent. If it sounds very warm now, change to silver power cords and they will reward you with extreme transparency & silver sound.
03-13-14: Lall
Get the Vitus Andromeda pcs as recommended by the factory.
The Andromeda pc is quite good & works well with Vitus amps, however I a-b tested the Andromeda pc which came with my Vitus SIA-025 vs a Jorma Prime pc I had on hand, and the Jorma proved to be more sophisticated, richer sounding and more resolving. It was a very obvious improvement. I even preferred my Jorma Unity pc which is now doing duties with my Oppo 103AU. The Andromeda pc is back in the box.

The Siltech G7 Ruby Mountain II is a slight step up in price from Jorma Prime and is also an excellent match with Vitus amps. They offer wide bandwidth and are very quiet. In terms of differences I would say Jorma Prime is a bit more 'delicate', whilst Siltech has more bass. Though Prime still has excellent control in the bass. So it depends on your taste and what sound you're looking for. Jorma offers good value for money imho (atleast in Australia) which helped push me over the line and go with Jorma.
In the past I won all battles against Slisssstech powercables. They are not good enough. It is easy to outperform them with others. Inferior powercables are useless!!
Bo1, Siltech cables are not "inferior". They have excellent build quality, extremely pure metalurgy which does not degrade & are designed using the same computer software Porsche use to design their cars. Those are some of the reasons Siltech cables maintain high resale value. The problem is, cheap knock off's are giving them a bad reputation. There is no such thing as "best" cables, only the best in synergy with your system and budget.
I come from the Netherlands, in our country we don't take Siltech that serious. And that has a reason why. Compared to Purist Audio they are inferior. I test and compare all the time. Only the best counts. But there are more cables which make better powercables than Siltech does.

Audio is all about searching the best for the money. I love to outperform competitors. That is the most fun part in my job. I am a perfectionist, always looking for the best and I always want to win. This gives you the smile on your face when you get the deal and not your competitor.

These days I do consulting. I have much more time to test and more time for my clients. This makes it very easy to outperform every single audio shop. They often use lower quality stuff. And they also have less knowledge and insight in sound. Many are F lazy, they don't test that much.

In the past I have outperformed the powercables from Slissstech many times, and with ease!!
Bo1, PAD cables sound warm and have good bass, but are on the dark side of neutral which doesn't suit every system. Also, their higher end cables are unwieldly, heavy and difficult to accommodate in a tight space. That is why I said there is no such thing as "best", only what is best for synergy in your system. I am not a Siltech fanboi, but I stand by my comments.

As far as my personal preference with cables go, I use Jorma Prime xlr's & pc's & Jorma Statement sc's in my system which sound natural/organic, resolving, harmonically rich & are excellent value (atleast in Australia). They work extremely well in the context of MY system. Each to their own.

Btw, you may enjoy "outperforming competitors" and "always want to win", but I have to say based on your responses in this thread, you may end up being a very lonely person.
The balance of the Slisstech powercables is not good. You only win a battle when you have a product which performs better than your competitor. And then you make a lot of friends. So you never get lonely!! :)
@Bo1, so you're a shill and you admit it. Good for you...
I have often said that I do consulting in sound and vision. And that I work in audio for ouver 16 years of time. I started when I was 6. I got a Philips tube tape recorder. Music is my biggest passion. This is not my work or hobby. This is a part of who I am as a person. Audio is like a second nature. So it doesn't cost a lot of energy. That is why I love to test and compare.

As a perfectionist you always go for the best possible. The main reason why I started to do consulting is based on the low level many audio shops give to their clients. The other reason is that I dislike low level quality and average level in audio. Because I want people to get the best possible endresult for their money.
@Bo1, that's the most shameless commercial advertisement i've ever seen and a disgraceful breach of Audiogon's TOS.
I am not here to sell. I am here just for fun. I live on the other side of the planet.

I can garantee you one thing; The % audio what is really good is extremly small. This is the main reason why many people don't get what they deserve for their money. I have seen this for a long time.

I see this as the main reason why audio is having a rough time.

You don't know me, you have to read better to understand my words the right way!!
Try the Mad Scientist "Neo" Power cord about $500 but competes with the best.
Melbguy1, ignore Bo, dont let him to discurage you from providing valuable advise on these forums.
@Denon1, thanks for that. I'll bat on. Cheers.
Stealth or Purist would be great as well.