Choosing new cables

I am looking to upgrade my current cables.  This should be my last system as I retired a few years ago and most of my components have been seriously updated in the last couple of years.  I have been in this audio hobby for about 50 years and have always have great sounding musical systems.

My current cables all work and sound great but are 15 - 20 years old.  So updating is what I need.  I am budgeting around $10k - $15k for all new cables.

I have always felt the i/c's were the most important cable followed by the speaker cables and the power cords.  However I am now leaning towards spending more on the power cords followed by the speaker cables and last the i/c.

  I know all cables are very important but how would you prioritize the cables?  Any suggestions on any brands would also be appreciated!




This may sound counterintuitive, but we have found the best cable upgrade path is:

Power -->  Speaker --> ICs --> Digital

In case you are interested, Finley Audio (I am one of the owners) will be partnered up with a Boulder 866 this year at Axpona 2023.  We will be using our Cirrus family of cabling to connect the whole system if you want to stop by. 

If you cannot make it, please feel free to call or reach out to us.  We would be happy to discuss your specific system and help you in any way we can.  We also have a trial period for our products to make sure they synergize well with your system. 

Good luck in your search and happy listening!



My suggestion would be do audition several.  The Cable Company has a library that is perfect for this. They charge for use of the library but will credit that to your purchase.  This is definitely the way to go.  The last time I purchased interconnects, I borrowed several cables, all in the $1K to $4K range.  Based on reviews, all were very good but a few were supposedly exceptional.  I ended up purchasing Cardas Clear Reflection because it was the best balanced and best sounding option in my system.  To me, I liked the Reflection's sound better than the Cardas Clear and some of the other more expensive cables.  Others in the group were Audioquest, Acoustic Zen, Nordost, and Kimber.  I would have definitely selected a different cable just based on the reviews.  Reviews are a good place to start but you really need to have the cables in your system and do some critical listening.  

Before you buy I suggest you look at Vogue  Audio 12 awg Pure Silver Interconnects , Power, and Speaker Cables!   They're very reasonably priced to say the least and the quality is top notch.  Just Google Vogue Audio and read all about them.