Choosing my speaker time

In the process of getting my audio system togheter. My number 1 concern is stereo, and secondary is HT. My goal is a system that is extremely involving for music. My taste in music is varied. I listen to folk rock, heavy rock, classical, accapello, jazz, you name it, if it's good, I like it. The sound levels I enjoy are somewhat related to the music type. If I was in the room they are playing in, I want it to be about that level. So for pink floyd, I like it pretty loud so thats a real requirement, but of course it cant just sound good at high levels.

The room I'm in is long and narrow (35'X14') with 22' vaulted ceilings. Acoustics are good, no carpets, no reverb (it's open so sound escapes).

What i've got now is:
Dennon 2800II DVD/CD
Digital Cable (Harmonic Tech)
Speaker cables (Straigh wire top of line)
Mirage M7si
REL Stata III sub

The proceed stuff it new to me and the first pieces of my upgrade path. The main amp is going to be a mark levinson 27.5 or 331, thats already decided. The next to go is the speakers. The M7's I love the overall sound, the air, sound stage, imaging, openess, etc. But they are at their limit and seem like they have a filter/veil between me and the music.

One of the nicest speaker I heard in the old day's was the B&W silver signature series. I'm off now to go and listen to the new B&W signature 805's. I know it's totaly different than the mirage, but I do like the sound. I'm concerned about the big room and higher volumes at time. I briefly heard the revel F30's, but the room sucked and they sounded boxy. So, here's the question, do you think these will fit we'll and of course any other speaker you think I should listen to?
I would try to check out the VMPS line of speakers if you can, lots of models in all size and price range. All vmps speakers I have listen to have great bass and you just can't beat the sound of ribbons for mid/highs. Not a lot of dealers but you may find a dealer near you if your lucky, I did. Ribbons are great for removing that filter between you and the music, I have a set of apogee speakers with 26 inch ribbons in my two channel system. I have not listened to the Mirage M7's but have listened to the M1 and M3's years ago (a little dark sounding) but still some of the best speakers I had ever listened to at the time and would have bought one or the other but my room was way to small at that time in my life.
Thanks Sogood51,

I didnt get a chance to take your advice, so never heard the VMPS. I went to audition the 805's signature, and while they were very good, I came home with the 802's. Amazingly, when I connected them up when I got home tonight, I never expected much (I only have the surround AMP3, did not get the main amp yet) but I was utterly amazed at the sound I got. Finaly, real music in my home! I'm ecstatic.

Michel, you got some great speakers and should be set for a long time in the speaker department.
With all due respect, I suggest you choose your speakers and then your amp(s).
It's good advice. The amp 3 is not for stereo, but only surround. I just happen to get it first because its a good deal, and HT will not get a significant portion of money and I feel the amp 3 will give me want I need and will drive any surround speakers.

That being said, I was pretty sold on the ML 27.5, 331, 334, and felt they would drive any speaker in my final list of choices. Now with the 802's I still feel they will be a excellent match. I've heard the combo ML-BW plenty (used to sell them), but the classe monoblocks just came to my attention. I've not compared the two, so its imposible to tell.

What I did like is first the idea that I can affort monoblocks (big grin), they did certainly drive the 802's to sound pressure levels I was happy with, no matter the mood (like live pink floyd sound levels).

So now I ask the question, anybody have the chance to compare the classe mono blocks (cam 200) with ML stereo amp? Looking for ultimate detail, transparency, imaging and soundstage. Very high volume levels a very distant factor, and not at the expense of the above characters.