Choosing Between 2 Turntables

I am trying to decide between 2 Tables.
One is A Raven One Havent decided on A arm or cartridge yet.
The other table is a Garrard 301 - With A Custom Plynth
From Steve D. With A Triplanar Arm - No cartridge yet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you
This will be interesting...I am trying to do the same!
Good luck and i'll be watching the "experts" opinions :)
good luck,

I am biased in my suggestion but I went with a Garrard 301 and Steve's plinth based on what I've read and seen. He previously sold me my current phono amp, Manley Steelhead, as well as provided me with great advice on tubes for the Steelhead.

Going with the Tri-Planar, this set-up to eventually replace an LP12 w/Ekos, Cirkus, Lingo. Keeping my Lyra Skala.
well....since i am presently enjoying my Steve Dobbins custom plinth'd 301 with Triplaner i suppose i'm a bit biased. even though i'm still getting to know it somewhat i can tell you that i just want to keep playing record after record whenever i listen to it (and my uber tt the Rockport sits three feet from it).

Steve Dobbins plinth'd 301 with Triplaner and dual arm-boards

it doesn't hurt that it is drop-dead gorgeous. Steve really knows his 301's and mine is dead quiet.

i did hear the Raven One at RMAF and it is certainly a nice tt and beautifully built......excellent performance for a $5k commercial tt.

my opinion is that the Dobbins 301 plays in a much higher league particularly in terms of musical involvement.
My vote is easily for the Garrard. It will easily hold its value better and sonically it is superior to the Raven. For a new turntable at its price, the Raven is fine, but you can get quite a bit more for your money with a vintage table like the 301.