Choosing a tube amp for bi-amping just the mids and high frequency. EP4.7s

I sold off my amp/pre combo and Dali Helicons at pretty much the same time and this leaves me building a 2 ch system pretty much from scratch. 

Purchased an integrated Jolida 6802 (6sn7 & EL34s) and planned on matching with some Tekton Electrons.

In the mean time I put my Emerald Physic EP4.7s back in the chain, which require bi-amping. When I put them away I didn't have any love for them. I'd actually been trying to sell them for 6 months with no luck. 
I actually really like them now. I think my amp at the time was maybe not properly biased or just a bad match for them.

Leads me to this:
I still have a Rogue 6SN7 pre amp and want to pick up a tube amp for the mid and high frequency of the EP4.7s
They have a sensitivity of 95db so I'm guessing I could get away with just about any amp. 

I'm looking for warmth, air, none aggressive highs and sound stage.  Maybe at the expense of bottom end and grunt?  SET I'm guessing?
That's why I'm here asking. I'm wondering if the usual reviews of amps don't come into play here because I'll be
bi-amping with the subwoofer being driven by a SS amp with more power. 

The Jolida is currently sort of working for me. I'm using my BSound Node2i being controlled by my phone for volume control of both amps (Jolida and SS for subs) 
And it sounds lovely until I start to crank it up. And poorly recorded music is absolutely un-listenable with this set up. 

Id like to buy used and keep the price under $1500 for the tube amp as I'm not sure I'm going to keep this combo and would like an easy resale if needed. I am willing to spend about double that if there is a really good reason to do so. 

Listening to classic rock, acoustic and some hard rock mostly. 

What info am I missing here and what should I be looking for?
Thank you bunches
@flavo- No; you needn’t concern yourself, about anything below 250Hz, as the Bass amp will handle that.      What DSP/crossover did you get with those 4.7s?       Do you have the software, necessary to properly gain-match the new amps?         I recently helped a friend set up a pair of 2.4s he picked up, used (of course).      I can offer some good tips/suggestions, that will make your experience much less painful, as well as your ears happier, if you PM me.      Those speakers are capable of some surprisingly good reproduction.                             I’m not selling anything, btw.
I'm using a class d amp for the lower subwoofer. Speaking with Wally he said that this model is not able to be driven by a single amp.?
Excellent info, thank you so much.
I have the DSP 2.4 that came with the speakers and no I don't have the software. I don't mind buying a different DSP unit or whatever else I might need. I'm coming to realize that these speakers have way more to offer then I originally experienced and would like to make them work for me in here.

Walter recommended the DSpeaker anti-mode  but that's a DAC too and I'm not looking to replace my DAC.
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flavo OP Emerald Physic EP4.7
I'm looking for warmth, air, none aggressive highs and sound stage.

 At 95db the mids and highs of these are going to be very susceptible for any noise from an amp or electronics.
I would seriously look at a linear solid state Class-A amps for the mids and highs, like the Pass Labs XA 30’s Class-A’s or for a cheaper option a Schiit Aegir Class-A. And maybe a cheap Class-D for the bass.

Cheers George