choosing a Step up or an head amp for a shelter901


I don't know exactly if I will purchase a step up or a headamp .

The rest of my system is made of Jadis JP 80 and JA 200

If I decide to go with a SUT Is the shelter 411 step up a good combination with a shelter 901?

If I decide to choose the head amp solution have you any suggestion ?

Many thanks

The rated output for the 901 is 0.5mV, although several reviews I've read have suggested that actual output is somewhat higher. One normally uses a step-up transformer for very low output MC cartridges -- down in the 0.25 mV or less range. Cartridges with output of 0.5 mV usually work just fine with a good phono preamp with sufficient gain -- 60 db of gain is more than sufficient.

FWIW, a local high-end dealer that specializes in analog front ends and sells the Shelter line uses several different phono preamps, but does not recommend a step-up transformer.
Hi Sdcampbell

It seems to me that this thread is not very succesfull .

Anyway , thanks for your answer.

Dear André: +++++ " It seems to me that this thread is not very succesfull . " +++++

Well, Sdcampbell already give you a right answer. What do you want?: Someone that tell you that you can use a step-up transformer that always " destroy " the quality sound reproduction?

If you think that your JP80 can't handle your Shelther cartridge my advise is that you need to change that cartridge for another one where your JP80 " feels " happy and not to go for any " destroyer ". What are you looking for?: best quality music reproduction or only " sound any sound " ?

Regards and enjoy the music.