choosing a center channel

Hi folks. I would like to upgrade my center channel speaker. I use the same room for 2ch and htr.
I know that the best choice is to buy the center that matches the l&r but I have some audio physic scorpios and the center is expensive and I rarely see them used.
I’d like advice on a center that is on the warmer side of neutral. It would be for movie dialogue and not multi channel audio so my guess is that the match need not be perfect. I’d also like to keep the price under 2k.

Another Scorpio is ideal.

SOrry. I should have been more specific.
It is for htr use. I need something that sits on it's side. Not an upright floor stander like the scorpio.
Too bad. Horizontal centers usually suck regardless of whether they are used for HT or music. Three identical speakers in the front are ideal.

If you don't have one, get a powered sub-woofer. It makes even the mids and highs better
Have you tried no center? None is better than a mediocre center channel speaker. Many people prefer a phantom center on movies.

How many listeners/viewers do you usually have? If only 1 or 2, the phantom will work well. The main purpose of the center is to anchor that channel's sound in the middle for listeners too far left or right for good stereo imaging. For music, don't consider anything but phantom unless you get an *exact* match to your L/R speakers.
Stringreen -
I have a powered sub. you are right about that.

Oj - I never even thought about trying to go without a center. But I am going to give it a try. The L&R are wide enough that it should work just fine. I guess that my HTR would be set to phantom center and then it would do the rest.
Actually, many TV shows that we watch are in stereo and I usually dont force them into 5.1 because I dont like my current center speaker (B&W LCR60). I have just n3ever tried to watch a movie that way and have not run the room eq that way. Will be an interesting experiment...
There is a pair of yaras for sale on this sight for $495. Perhaps one can be used as your center if it will fit and use the other for a 6.1 back surround. I think it is far better to have a center speaker for when you want it than to not have one at all.
Thanks all. I tried the phantom center set up last night and diidnt really like it. It left the center a little too soft for my taste.
I am trying to make the best of a compromised situation. The same room serves both 2ch and movies. I might be able to firm up the middle for movies by altering the positions of my L&R but I have them where I want the mfor music listening and dont want to move them...
I have a decent center that will work till i can get a good one and in the mean time i learned how to turn the center off on my avr. Thanks!
A used yar amight work. I will need to get on line and check out the drivers. I have never heard them. But they look small enough that I might be able to stand one upright under my tv.
Jimmy, what don't you like about your B&W LCR60?
good question. It sounds "cold" to me.
Voices produced through the center are not as resonant sounding as the L&R.
Mind you, it was very inexpensive and I am not really complaining.
I think that I was hoping for a warmer sound from the center to better match the sides. Further, I was hoping that someone more mainstream than Audio Physic might mass produce a passable replacement at a better cost.
Hmmm. I assume you've ruled out some of the obvious things, like speaker wire reversal, a blown driver, or an incorrect setting or malfunction with your AV receiver or surround processor. Have you tried manually increasing the center channel level? My auto-setup always sets the center channel too low for my ears, causing the dialog to get lost in the rest of the soundtrack.

I was trying to find a product I saw a few years ago, that is basically a flat, planar speaker disguised as a painting. You hang it on the wall under or above the flat screen TV. I couldn't find that product, but I did find this, which looks pretty cool. I don't know how much it costs or how it sounds.

Please let us know what you end up with.
have you considered either a midrange psb (e.g imagine line) or kef xq (great deals on their products at accessories4less)--both make excellent centers-- very transparent without being sterile or over-analytical. for ht use, i wouldn't overspend just for appearance's sake--either of these more "mainstream" products should serve you very well.
thanks all. I have not really double checked the electronics or connections. I had assumed that the issue was a $200 speaker that sounded like a $200 speaker.
But I do plan to pull other bookshelf speakers that are of a more converntional driver layout to see what they sound like.
The PSBs are worth a listen too. I will see what is out there that I can audition at home.
Still not sure what I am going to do.
Over the weekend, I was able to find the local psb guy who has a couple different choices that I could demo overnight.
I also thought that I would look through the internet direct offerings that offer in home trial but didn't see anything. Av123 has one but it is a little too tall. Axiom has one with a footprint that I like but it was reviewed as being overly bright and that is what I am trying to get away from.
I am also going to call my local audio physic rep and see what he has.
If music were the driver, an identical speaker, as suggested by Kal, is the way to go. I say go all the way...surround speakers also.

However, if it is just for dialog in movies, a speaker optimized for dialog is best. Such a speaker will have limited and non-flat frequency response.