Choose between Simon Yorke S9 or transroto Zet1

I am thinking of upgrading my analog source and have narrowed down my choices to simon Yorke s9, transrotor zet1 and acoustic solid wood reference. I have audited both transrotor and acoustic solid but haven't got the chance to try out the Simon Yorke yet.

Some reviews suggested that the s9 us lacking the highs and lows, can any users comment on this?

Any comment and suggestions are welcome.
You have to audition it or not consider it or take a risk. Those reviews may mean exactly nothing. Clearly, you want a very neutral, balanced sound with highest resolution possible. And the rest of your system should be up to the task, of course.
If my Nottingham Spacedeck does not lack highs and lows, I seriously doubt that Simon Yorke does.
I could suggest adding Brinkmann to your list.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will check out the Brinkmann as well. However, all the turntables are setup with different cartridges and different systems. It's very hard to compare every turntable in the same or similar settings.
S9 + arm: solid, dynamic, punchy. Importantly, plug & play.

Brinkmann balance + 12arm: ethereally detailed, pleasant, "fast". Expensive

Transrotor "Fat bob" (the one that looks like a pressure cooker) + arm: Ferrari acceleration, good authority (close to the S9), solid.

Another to consider: Yorke's S10 with parallel arm. Better than all the of the above. (i.e., dynamics, solidity, details, speed, authority...)
Gregm, Have you heard the new Simon Yorke arm?
I have this stupid rule of mine. When it comes to turntables and I am in doubt I go for British not German or American. I could be wrong of course.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

Gregm, S10 is double the price of S9 which is way out of my budget.

Inna, I am having the same thought as well.
Soundimage, yes, getting the right table is difficult, and the more you are prepared to pay the more difficult it actually becomes. Just in case you haven't thought of it, some people like TW Acustics tables. I am not familiar with them. It's a German firm too, I guess. Also, though it is probably not at the level of Simon Yorke, and again I haven't audition it, but what some say about Fletcher Audio Omega Point Five table and Zero arm catches my attention. It is designed by late Tom Fletcher, the founder of Nottingham Analogue. But I don't think it is available in the US though can be bought from England hopefully with the correct voltage for the motor. It is getting popular in Europe. The price there including VAT is about $10k for table and arm. Next time I am in Europe I will certainly try to listen to it.
I agree about the Brinkmann recommendation but look at the Bardo. It is a direct/magnetic drive and costs about half of the Balance. Great table
I have a Transrotor Fat Bob and am quite pleased with it. The Zeta 1 you mention does not use the magnetic bearing however, and I wonder whether it could achieve the same level of quietness as the Fat Bob. Looks cool though.