Choose between CD to power amp or passive pre ?

Looking to find the best partner for my Aleph 0,s power amp I am trying to learn what will be the main difference between buying a passive preamp like the Placette or just having a Wadia sort of CD player directly to the power amp.

Can you be of help ?
What shall be my criteria in deciding?

Wouldnt a 2nd hand Pass P be a better choice as it seems to have an active preamp stage giving more flexibility and a parachute in case ?
The best luck I've had with an Aleph 3 has been with a DACT attenuator. There have been about four different passives in my setup including a TVC. The TVC didn't have the focus and separation that the DACT has, it did have more dynamic bass, though. The Aleph P is wonderful, it's close to having a passive in there, but no loss of dynamics. When I see another one at a good price, I'll snap it up and build around it. I think the Aleph L is passive up to about three o'clock then an active kicks sounded sort of dry in my setup.
If a CD Player/DAC has an analogue attenuator it's basically the same as having a passive pre in the chain and you lose one set of interconnects.
agreed on the Aleph L- resolution was very good, but yes, a dry quality I couldn't get over- have not heard the P- that might be the ticket...
I have my Audio Aero CD player and I don't have vinyl. With a really good CD player, I can't imagine a reason for a passive pre.....
UncleJeff- agreed- not necessary with the Cap- I owned the Cap for a couple o' years and drove it straight in with good results.