Choices for speaker 2' from back wall

Does it have to be either sealed or front ported?

Choices up to $3,500

I have a 1992 Yamaha pro-logic receiver (65 solid watts) driving a sealed Infinity early emit tweeter model (Reference 5)from a Marantz cd player and the highly acclaimed (for its time) Toshiba 9200. They give me a pleasant sound but I know what real music reproduction can sound like after hearing Focal speakers several years ago.

I just have not pulled the trigger on replacing everything at one time. Can my receiver get good music from a modern pair of speakers?
Sealed and front ported really does help in a limited arrangement. I have tried rear ported speakers in a close wall arrangement and it was quite bloated comparatively.
Hope this helps.
I have Von Schwiekert VR 4 SR's that do well in that position with a front port. I think the VR4 JR's would also perform well. There a a few pairs on a'gon right now listing for $1,900 new in box, on up. Retail I think was $6,000. The new in box are African Hazelwood which is very attractive. I have hear the JR's and they sound wonderful with good equipment up front. I have a very large room 28X38 and needed the SR's. I am not related to any of the sellers listed.
Revel Performa F52 has a control mounted on the back of the speaker that can be adjusted when the speaker is in close proximity to the wall behind the speakers.
I haven't heard them, but the Von Schweikert VR33s are made to be positioned close the the back wall and seem to have very positive reviews. They are only available factory-direct from VS to save cost, and they are just a little over your target price if you can stretch.

Looking at the specs they seem relatively easy to drive so your receiver should be able to drive them. It'll probably sound much better than what you're currently hearing, but the VR33s will likely reward you with significantly better sound as you upgrade other components.

Best of luck.
Dali Helicons can be used close to the wall even though they are rear ported. That is an intended feature of their design, and I have heard them 2' out. They sound fine. Otherwise, sealed designs are good, but the choices are limited.
Thanks for the advice.

The RevelF52 and Dali Helicons sound interesting. With the Revels being updated I may get to see some F52s for sale in the near future.

What would Proac Response 3.8S and Triangle Luna 260s sound like?

How would high efficiency Zus respond to close wall placement?
speakers of the class you're considering will not be well served by your old yamaha avr--they'll either be underpowered (revel) and/or show off the avr's limitations. you'd best best served by splitting your budget between speakers and a better, more powerful amp. in terms of near-wall placement, rega rs3/rs5, focal chorus, revel and mirage omd all work well.
I didn't think two feet from the back wall was that close.
Just asking?