Choices: Anthem AVM-20 or Intergra Research RDC-7?

These are within my budget ($3000 - $4000). Has anyone heard how these components sound & perform? Positives or Negatives? Home Theater is 90% of my use.
kostab99 has a lot of reviews on the Integra Research. I bought one a couple of months ago and love it. It replaced a Lexicon MC-1 and has many more features and sounds better thatn the MC-1 Stereo Guide to Home Theater and the Perfect Vision also gave it outstanding reviews. I have not heard the Anthem, but I also have a Lexicon MC-12B. In some ways I like the RDC-7 better than the MC-12B. But be aware of the RDC-7 shortcomings: Bass management only per THX guidelines and not frequency adjustable, it looks like a receiver, its chasis feels like a reciever, and its remote is nothing special. Strengths: its D/A converters upsample and are Excellent, 5.1 analog throughput for SACD or DVD -Audio, it has a phono stage and a built in tuner, and its overall sound is excellent. Some say its sound is slightly forward of nuetral, but I think it is speaker dependent. It is very "alive" in my system, but I would not classify it as overly bright. I highly recommend the RDC-7, and I think one is available now on Audiogon for < $3000. I think the Anthem was written up in the latest SGHT or Perfect Vision, and the conclusion was it was an excellent unit, but the RDC-7 sounded better.