Choice player to replace Mark Levinson 512

I choose the player for replacement my Mark Levinson 512, I need support DVD-Audio. Audio only, video is not important.
Now I use for DVD-Audio Marantz UD9004, but this is Blue-Ray and it is very slow loading.

May be try
Esoteric SA-60
Esoteric UX-1Pi
Accustic Arts SP-1
Linn Unidisk 1.1

What any recommendations?

If you just want CD and DVD-A, you may like a Meridian 800. I used to have one and preferred it to the 512. Another one to consider is the Ayre 5 series, if you can find one. Its less money, but for my tastes I like it better. You have to listen to it first, though. If you like the 512, you'll probably like the Meridian, but the Ayre is very different sounding than both of them.