Choice on a $3,000 to $5,000 SS amp

hey everyone what's a good choice for a solid state amp that will be pushing a pair of Avalon Eclipse speakers. My price range will be from $3,000 to $5,000 new or used.
Classe makes a fine amp for 5k
My vote is to pick up a used McCormack DNA-500 and never look back....... 500w/channel into 8 ohms; 800w/ch into 4 ohms. Plenty of power, great detail, transparency, musicality, etc. Just a really great amp. ALthough I've switched to tubes, I will probably never sell my DNA-500. I'm pretty sure the many other 500 owners will echo my sentiments. Worth hearing before you make a decision, if possible.
Hello, I've listen my v-1x with a pari of Avalon monitor and sound is great. I've already listen it with a pair of Avalon Ascent (enormus speakers with a great separate crossover) and my heart is remained them with my ears
You ought to consider the Sanders ESL stereo amp. I have heard it driving Cabasse, Dynaudios, Harbeths, Vandersteens and it is consistently good with all.

There is something "correct" about the highs, a kind of purity which is hard to describe. So often when listening to digital sources, I would get fatigue because of the hard sounding tweeter. However with the Sanders, you get very clear and clean highs, which you want to just turn up the volume because it sounds so good.

The amp also has a firm grip on the bass, which allows you to hear deeper than ever before. In fact the whole spectrum is so well controlled, the PRaT is also well served, the music comes across as a consistent whole.