Choice of used floorstander for 1k or under used?

Guys, this group has let me in the right direction before with a purchase of my anthem preamplifier. I have since had to sell that equipment due to finanical issues, but am now gaining the oppertunity to start over again.

I do work under a pretty strict budget, 1k is the absolute MOST I can spend and that includes shipping and or taxes.

I listen to rock primarily, but really enjoy a detailed speaker. I had a pair of mordaunt-short MS30i bookshelves that sounded great to me. I also love the monitor audio s8 (which I can get a demo set of for 950 in mohogany finish).

Please give me your suggestions and experiences!

Thanks all! - Evan
PSB Stratus Gold i. Can be found used for $800 +/-. Read Stereophile review for more info. Good Luck!
Soliloquy 5.3 - Transparent, musically detailed, great bass, huge soundstage, speakers disappear and create a wall to wall soundspace, easy to drive with tubes or solid state. Beautifully made with real veneers and probably the best floor spike/leveling system I have seen. Can get them used for about $800. What more can you ask for?
Ended up purchasing a set of Mordaunt-Short performance 860s.

Thanks for the help! - Evan