choice of pre amp

want to buy a used tube pre amp between $2500 $ $4000. So far I have heard good things about the Calypso,ARC LS26,CJ 16LS, and Lamm LL Deluxe. I know that the ls 26 is a bit more but would consider. All opinions would be appreciated.

If you use unbalanced inputs/outputs, consider buying the $1995 Audio Note Kits L2 Custom demo at:

Bill's hardly used it. The custom L3 he just built for me is the work of a real craftsman. The parts used in these custom units are among the best available at any price. The pictures don't do justice to the looks - understated but very attractive.
buy the coda on audiocircle
My Calypso replaced a CJ Premier 17LS2 (the model with teflon caps) and I couldn't be happier. The CJ was a fine preamp but the Calypso is a revelation. I frankly bought it because it offered polarity switching via the remote (I was tired of switching speaker cables), but that proved to be just icing on the cake. Dave
2nd for........................S*U*P*R*A*T*E*K...........................
Check Space Tech Lab. They are in Vancouver. For Under 2000$, one of the Space Tech Lab models would put to shame the preamp you listed.

The have models that cost up to $6,000.

Have a look at their website and don't hesitate to contact Albert, the owner. The nicest guy I ever dealt with in this business.

Spend a little time reading the Supratek and/or Audio Horizons threads. These threads are long and enthusiastic for a good reason, and you can get either in your price range. Audio Horizons offers a thirty day audition, and you can order the preamp to your own preferences--won't cost you a thing but the return shipping to try it out. Most folks don't send them back.

Good luck.

I am very happy with my PS Audio GC preamp/GCP. Eventually, I will have it modded by Rick Cullen. Fully balanced, gain cell volume control eliminates old tech found in every other preamp
I have heard the Calypso and the LL Deluxe head to head and the Calypso is better. Also pls consider First Sound Dlx at the low end of your price range and a VAC Ren at the upper end.