I just upgraded my speakers to Focal Chorus 836 .
I need to upgrade my amplifier.
With my budget, and I want to buy new , I am looking at ATI 3000 or Odyssey Stratos extreme.
I am looking for advice or insight on these amplifiers. The system is in a fairly big room, so the thought is I need some power.
The budget is 3500 dollars . It has to be build in America.
Comments and insights appreciated.

I haven't heard the ATI gear, but have owned almost every Stratos amp model that Klaus has made.

I started with a Stratos, then a Stratos Plus, then a Stratos Extreme, then a Stratos Dual-Mono (my favorite), then the Stratos Monos and finally the Stratos Mono Extremes.

I really liked the sound that these produced.  However, after a few years, I grew tired of the Odyssey "house" sound.  Nothing wrong with it, all manufactures have a their own house sound, but I just needed a change.

If you really have a budget of $3500, you MUST try the Belles 350A Reference.  Made in the USA and David (Belles) is a master designer.  Belles is not very well known, but is a fantastic line of audio equipment.  These have more power and deliver more current than the Odyssey amps.

You should be able to get a used 350A Reference V1 for under $1500.  The V2, I've seen for around $2000 used, but I've owned both and have a couple of friends who moved up from the V1 to the V2 and wished they hadn't.  I agree, the V1 is the better of the two versions.

Hope this helps and doesn't confuse the issue any.
I just bought a 14 year old pair of stratos monos. Plugged em in, left on for a week or so, for the basic as they are, they are not too bad honestly, driving a pair of modded vega d-9's. For their stated power rating, I'm shocked at their power/authority. 

Im having them upgraded to kismet monos in a couple months. 

Ati ti I know either make for or made by mark levinson, and other high top shelf companies.  If I could, I would go for the ATI personally.  But odyssey gives longer warranty,

either way, you win!
You need to choose based on sound quality and quite honestly I have owned both a few years back. The AtI is cool looking but only produces a two dimensional sound, the Odyssey on the other hand is more 3D sounding but keep in mind a lengthy warm up will reveal its inner beauty and for this reason the power switch is located on the rear as it should remain powered up most of the time, turn it off and you will have to start the process over. Truly an overachiever at its price!

I have a Stratos  stereo Extreme+++ amplifier with all the bells and whistles including the Kismet circuit boards and the Symphonic Line Capacitors.  I have had this plugged in to my main system since 2011 and since then, I have upgraded all of my other components but the amp.  Trust me, it's that good.  Sure, if you want to spend 5-10 grand, there is better but not that much better.

My amp is driving Golden Ear Triton Ones and with my all tube preamp, it's a match made in Heaven.  My Stratos extreme+++ which cost me 2200.00 back in 2011 replaced a 3000.00 Classe' Amp which had more power.  The Odyssey amp walked all over the Classe' and ate it for breakfast.

I'm thinking of getting the Stratos Monos and the Tempest preamp to match with Triton Ones. Do you think thats a good combo?

I will check them out. Thanks.
Would you buy used and have them upgraded to NEW status by klaus?   I have a minty older pair of silver face stratos, interested??

let me know please. I was going to have my stratos upgraded to kismet, but will take me longer than expected, and if you would like these amps, to ship to klaus, he will do whatever you want.  You will be happy with condition, well taken care of. 
Probably not but how much?

1,000. Where are you located? Price ok? Pair of nice silver monoblocks. With original manual.

stratos monoblocks. 

No orig boxes. I can have klaus ship me boxes. Or just ship the amps to klaus?

hi mofimadness,

would you able to describe the house sound of Stratos amps in relation to the genre of music you usually listen to? this would lead us a more closer idea of how the sound "feel" like. and in what way is David Belles’ amp sound different to Stratos?

Thank you for any input.


I'd do $500. Im not a big fan of buying really old anything.