Chiro C-902 and Hales Rev. 2

Hi, I am considering the new receiver from Chiro and the Hales Revelation 2. Has anybody listened to this convination, my main objective is Home Theater (mostly 70% music - 30% movies), would you consider another receiver (yes I want to go with a receiver). Thanks much, MJC.
Hi The C-902 receiver is what I would classify as a HomeTheater receiver for the audiophile.It is the best receiver I have heard in regards to 2 channel/Even better than the highly regarded B+k AVR202 Tony DeChiro is one of the Einstein's in the A/V buisness Cheers RLA for more info try
Do you know of any online-dealer that sells Chiro? MJC.
hi- i'm considering buying the chiro c-300 from a local rep. he's giving me an okay deal, but if you tell me the model # you want, I could try to get US a better deal. Let me know the exact model # (and your zip code) and I'll ask him about it. I've been looking for a 3 channel amp and the chiro gets good reviews. let me know. [email protected]